Tai Chi Qigong Classes Via Zoom

Michael Dunstan Registered Fitness Professional

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Tai Chi Qigong Classes Via Zoom

Michael is now pleased to offer Live Zoom Qigong classes via Zoom.
Beginners welcome.


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Private or Group Zoom instruction sessions are available Email, SMS or call Call Michael for more information: 0407 096 191 or +61 0407096191

Demonstrating Qigong

Qigong Zoom class

What is Qigong?  

Qi = Energy and Gong = Cultivation. Qi or Chi is known as Bio Electricity in the West. Qigong consists of gentle slow movements combined with the breath to bring the mind and body out of the stress mode and into a relaxed or parasympathetic state where enhanced healing can occur. Qigong exercises strengthen the body without using excessive energy and being a moving meditation it strengthens the mind as well. When Qigong is practised regularly it has many health and healing benefits.

How does Qigong work?

The slow gentle physical movements of Qigong combined with the breath and intention can bring the practitioner out of an overactive thinking mind and bring the body into a parasympathetic(relaxed) state where the body's natural healing mechanisms can be activated.
Qigong forms or movements have been developed over 1000's of years to unblock the Energy or Chi similar to the way Acupuncture does. Qigong is often called a moving meditation.