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Tai Chi Qigong fro Sydney NSW

Qigong (prounounced Chee Kung) is a Meditation in Motion and Strengthens the Immune System. With regular practice Tai Chi Qigong has many benefits for healing and your general health. Live Online Tai Chi Qigong Classes Via Zoom for Sydney NSW. Beginners Welcome. Experience the Self Healing Benefits. Strengthen your Immune System. Tai Chi is a part of Qigong and Qigong is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been developed over 1000’s of years. Tai Chi Qigong can also be used a tool for Spiritual Advancement.

Contact Michael (Registered Fitness Professional and Qigong Instructor) to choose the times for your Live Tai Chi Qigong Classes. See Contact Details, Prices and Payment Options below.

How does Qigong work?

The slow gentle physical movements of Qigong combined with the breath and intention can bring the practitioner out of an overactive thinking mind and bring the body into a parasympathetic (relaxed) state where the body’s natural healing mechanisms can be activated.
Qigong forms or movements have been developed over 1000’s of years to unblock the Energy or Chi similar to the way Acupuncture does. Qigong is often called a Moving Meditation.

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Private or Group Zoom instruction sessions are available Email, SMS or call Call Michael for more information: 0407 096 191 or +61 0407096191

What is Qigong?  

Qi = Energy and Gong = Cultivation. Qi or Chi is known as Bio Electricity in the West. Qigong consists of gentle slow movements combined with the breath to bring the mind and body out of the stress mode and into a relaxed or parasympathetic state where enhanced healing can occur. Qigong exercises strengthen the body without using excessive energy and being a moving meditation it strengthens the mind as well. When Qigong is practised regularly it has many health and healing benefits.Tai Chi Qigong and Yoga are Mindfulness practices that are now being recommended by doctors for chronic conditions and healing. Mindfullness or Meditation with Motion as Tai Chi Qigong via Tai Chi Qigong has many health benefits for physical and psychological wellbeing.

Qigong is a wonderful way to do some gentle healing exercises to strengthen the immune system and de-stress. Many people are suffering from anxiety in these trying times and Qigong is a perfect activity to bring us out of a worrying overthinking state and into a peaceful and relaxed state. As long as you have enough room to swing your arms, that’s all the space you need. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Comfortable clothing is all that is required and Qigong can be performed standing or sitting. Beginners Welcome. Qigong forms taught are Shibashi (Tai Chi Qigong) Set 1 & 2, Ba Duan Jin (Eight Treasures) and Butterfly Qigong Forms. Beginners are welcome and no special clothing or equipment is needed.

Some of the businesses and organisations that have had Tai Chi Qigong Sessions with Michael: Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities Inc. (ADEC), City of Boroondara, Casey Council (Bunjil Place), BMW Head Office Mulgrave, Estia Health, ATO Australian Tax Office, Dr Zenaidy Castro, YMCA Dandenong Oasis, Australian Croatian Community Services, Springvale Neighbourhood House, Mind Australia, Armenian Social Support Group, Balla Balla Community Center, Lexington Gardens Retirement Village, Springers Leisure Center, AMES Australia & New Zealand, Chisholm Institute, Element Health Club, Cranbourne West Community Hub, Hallam Community Learning Centre, AMCS Endeavour Hills, Box Hill Institute, Melbourne Polytechnic, Grow2Be and Victorian Planning Authority.

Records of Qigong have been discovered and dated to around 5000 years old. The name Qigong means energy or Chi cultivation. In India Chi is known as Prana, in Japan as Ki and in the West it is now called Bioelectricity. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that all diseases and sickness are caused by blockages of energy or chi. Qigong works on the energy meridians to remove any blockages of chi so it can flow easily throughout the body.

In our modern society there are environmental, diet and stress factors that are the cause of many modern diseases. The human body is actually a healing machine and is always trying to bring the body back to it’s natural state of good health. By doing Qigong on a regular basis it can improve your health by bringing the body to a relaxed state where natural healing can take place.

Why Should you Practice Qigong?

Whether you are just beginning your Qigong journey, or you have been practicing for a little while, you may need a little inspiration! There are many reasons to practice Qigong, and so many benefits that we get from regular, simple practices. I am reminded almost daily through emails and messages that people send me, which is so incredibly inspiring! While I can go on and on about why you should practice Qigong, I’ll just mention 3 reasons.

Reason 1: Qigong helps increase circulation without causing strain. Every health professional would suggest that healthy circulation through the muscles, joints, spine, brain, skin, and soft tissue is very beneficial to health. It is also necessary ?
The key is, we need to increase circulation without causing excessive strain in the body. It would be great to go for a hard run up the side of a mountain, but in reality the chance of injury is relatively high. Qigong Classes Melbourne South East offers a gentle method of stimulation that will not harm or strain the body.

Reason 2: Qigong is an excellent tool to help manage and reduce stress. There is no doubt that we, as a culture, carry too much tension, stress, and excessive emotion. Most of us have never really learned how to manage this. Qigong is an excellent tool (along with many others) to teach ourselves to unwind, relax, and find a state of tranquility.

Reason 3: Qigong is an excellent tool to help with prevention.

You’ve heard the phrase “An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.” It is very true! If we can find a way to prevent illnesses from progressing, address aches and pains before they become a major issue, and slow down the aging process, it would be excellent for long and short term health. Qigong can be one tool that helps with prevention of future health issues.

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